We turn big ideas into big realities with creativity, exceptional personnel, and leading imaging technology. Launched as a conventional photo lab in 1986, our company has grown and changed dramatically over time to take advantage of new technologies and methods. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is how we work with our clients. Since the very beginning, we’ve listened carefully to our clients and have produced results that go way beyond expectations.

Working with us is worry-free. We don’t miss deadlines (even tight ones); we don’t use inferior materials; we quote accurately; we ship carefully; we install seamlessly. Whatever we’re creating, our customers know they can count on excellence from beginning to end.

Our team of 30+ professionals take great pride in our work. You will take great pride in the results.





“The banners and posters look outstanding! We enjoy working with LightVisions; we receive great service and super quality. Thank you again for turning this around under such tight timelines. The graphics are being used for a very important day!”

— Signy Arnason, Director,, Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Winnipeg, Manitoba


“…turnaround times other vendors won't consider…”

“LightVisions offers peace of mind. I trust them to complete each and every job on time, as promised, even under the demanding retail turnaround times other vendors won't consider. We are consistently happy with the quality of LightVisions’ work as well as their customer service and overall approach to business. They are consistently on top of the latest technology and approach us with new and innovative ways of accomplishing our goals.

The stability in their employee base reflects a strong and supported culture and gives me the confidence to rely on their services and expertise for any job. It's a pleasure to work with such a model partner—I can only wish more vendors were as dependable and professional as LightVisions.”

— Kevin Hook, Vice-President, Business Development, The Dufresne Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba